Decadence 2019

What a way to end the decade. Let’s talk about Decadence AZ. I’ve been looking forward to this festival since November. I usually wing my plans for New Years and hang out with friends, but since I got into the rave scene, there’s been a few shows that I feel are essential. This was one of them. There was no better way to roll into the new year than to dance into it. Surprisingly, my plans went exactly as they should’ve.

I got to Phoenix on Dec. 29 and one of my best rave friends picked me up. (Not having to pay for an Uber is a blessing.) We got to our Airbnb and I swear to the universe, as soon as we walked in, it smelled like butt. His theory is that the owner walked in, ripped ass and trapped this stanky fart inside. Just waiting there for us, ready to attack. It was such a nice little house and our housemates for the fest were awesome. There were no problems, everyone was clean and responsible. Probably the best Airbnb I’ve stayed at so far. Except for the fart. 

Day one was sick. I wish the lineup would’ve been for day 2, but regardless, it was amazing to see my favorite artists. AC Slater, Dab the Sky (Dabin and Said the Sky,) Space Jesus, Dillion Francis, Illenium, Adam Beyer and Skrillex. Like… BRO. I had so many beautiful people come up to me for kandi trades, light shows or just to say how pretty they thought I saw. My favorite moment of the night was giving a light-whip show to Lonely by Illenium. These men were having the time of their life watching me and I think they loved my musicality. That’s one of my favorite songs so I really put my heart into it. I met this woman with amazing eyes and gave her my Illenium cuff. She was so sweet and got her rave squad to watch me. I just felt so much love from everyone in the crowd all night. 

Day 2 was even better. Before going in, I met up with this couple that wanted to rave together and it was the 4 of us in a squad. These were the sweetest people to rave with and I had a fantastic time with them. We were all on the same page of sets to get to, taking care of each other, getting water, taking breaks. It was somewhat perfect. I also saw one of the most magical people I’ve ever met, Tawanda. (Always looking like a goddess too.) My favorite set of the night was Galantis. I don’t listen to them often, but they KILLED it. G Jones was also perfect to start the new year. It was incredible. I brought my gloves and gave shows all night, laid in a cuddle puddle, got the BEST massages. I started gloving in October and it has been my passion ever since. I had a few people come up and ask to trade shows with me. These were extremely talented glovers and told me to keep practicing because I’m really good at it. It feels so crazy to have people who have been doing this for years tell me that I’m actually not bad. Those who spread kindness are my favorite kind of people. It was such a happy festival. I loved it.

Special shoutout to anyone who received a kandi cuff from me, I managed to get rid of 17 out of 20 cuffs and almost all of my kandi. All of the kandi I received was super cute and I loved when people said they had one especially just for me. This whole community is simply full of peace and love. Decadence was the right way to end the year and start fresh. I needed this little vacation. It felt like the right way to heal. I’m not sure which fest will come next, but I feel beyond prepared. 

Peace, love and happiness,


P.S. sorry if this post seemed a little bleh, I wrote this after the fest and it turned kind meh. But ya know, blogs be like that.

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