Hi Thoughts: Mar. 12, 2020

Hi, I wanna vow to drink more water because somewhere in the timeline of life, there was nothing to drink but water. Then someone fucked up along the way and now we have baby-sized cans of soda. Why? WHY? 

Water is the easiest thing to drink. We always know what we’re getting with water. It’s all the same flavor; water. And if you have access to clean water, utilize it. Replenish your body. I’ve kinda been thinking that despite the fact that we have adapted our bodies, human beings weren’t meant to drink anything but water. Alcohol, soda, even tea or coffee. Why did we retrain our bodies to like these things?We got too experimental and now we can’t stop. It’s a little bananas how self-destructive we can be.

So please get a reusable water bottle and drink more water 2020.

Bye. 🙂

Hi Thoughts is a quick fun blurb from the mind of LAMP.

Don’t expect full length blog posts.

These are basically just extended tweets.

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