This Too Shall Pass

Well, shit. We’re really living in a moment of history right now, aren’t we? It might not be the worst moment of history in the human timeline, but this one sucks pretty hard. I haven’t written in a while. It’s hard to find inspiration in the midst of a global pandemic. Normally, I’d find the words in situations I’m in or with people I talk to, but my cat is my only communicator in quarantine and he doesn’t speak English. 

This year started out with high hopes. I was ready for 366 days of self-discovery and growth. Instead, it’s day 34 in quarantine. I have watched everything on Netflix and am currently living on cereal. I turned 21 this month, now stocking up on wine along with hand sanitizer. I don’t remember what any of my friends’ voices sound like. I barely remember what the day looks like at 9 A.M. 

During this unfortunate time, I have been trying to make sense of what is really happening in the world right now. Yes, this is a worldwide health crisis. Yes, people are dying from this virus. But has anyone noticed that the Earth is simply repeating a cycle? Remember in 2019, we spent our days discussing climate change and Earth preservation, but talking about it didn’t do anything. When/if something was done, it wasn’t for the root of the problem. The Earth may have been dying because humanity has been killing it, but just as we are a reflection of her, she is doing exactly what we would. 

When we catch a cold, we’re sick for a few days until our immune system is strong enough to battle it off. Then our system mutates to recognize it for the next time and we have a stronger chance of avoiding it again. This might sound dismissive or heartless, but we need to accept that the Earth is cleansing her body of its virus; us. 

Polluted oceans, deforestation, unclean air are man-made problems. We did that. Humans decided to take this beautiful gift that we may never know who gave to us and started the process in ruining it. It’s like if someone handed us the Mona Lisa and we thought she’d look better with red hair and a purple dress. Those colors don’t complement each other. Yet, we painted over a masterpiece and hung it on the fridge. Now that Mother Earth is retaliating and doing what needs to be done for her protection, we lose our fucking minds and call it an epidemic. Why do we care so much when nature kills people, but not when people kill our planet?

As a human being, I know that one day my life will come to an end. Death is inevitable and people die everyday. It’s not something to be taken too lightly, but the fear of death isn’t something to truly fear. That’s just the other side of the coin we call life. We know how human life begins, we know that it will end. That is how we were designed. No one can say the same for our planet because no one really knows. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the demise of our home was our own fault? To literally destroy the only place we can LIVE ON would be the biggest ‘fuck you” to the universe. 

This is what I’m trying to say; this coronavirus pandemic is frightening, but only if we’re looking at the humanitarian side of it. When we measure the damage by the statistics of deaths, it’s easy to get scared. But I have yet to see any reports on the reality of the situation. This virus is simply a version of population control. Too many people are roaming this planet, causing its destruction and the Earth is doing something drastic, but helpful to save the beauty that it’s created. For the first time in a long time, I’ve been seeing clear skies back to back. I saw a family of deer, happily wandering in the mountains. How often do we see animal families? How often do we see clear waters and sunny days? It’s a shame that populations are dying and this has moved at a wildly fast rate, but the Earth has been responding positively as well.  

I am not saying the coronavirus is a good thing. Having family and friends being taken away because of it is one of the more heartbreaking things a person could go through. It’s unfortunate that this virus targets those it deems as weak. This is a battle of nature against man and we aren’t in the position to determine who will win. What we can do is recognize this pattern that the Earth seems to repeat and listen to her pleas. We need to care more for our environment first, then the repercussions can trickle down. We need to treat our planet like the diamond that it is and stop thinking that humanity is the almighty. Life has been on a downward spiral and all we can do is stay inside to wait it out. 

While we wait, I encourage anyone who is reading to take the time to explore the natural religion of Deism. (Even if you have aligned with something else.) There will be a LAMP post on it in the coming future, but to me, it’s the only explanation that makes sense to begin the de/reconstruction of our society. With that, it might be a step towards peace. I hope that we all are staying home, being safe, binging all those shows we didn’t have time for. I’m hoping this won’t last for months because I can’t stand it. This is hard but, c’est juste la vie. 

Peace, Love and Happiness,


3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Hi, Liz, I binge-read all your blogs today. I am totally fascinated with your writing. I have very little comprehension of your life because mine is so different, but I am impressed with your verbal skills. I will check out deism because you recommended it, although I am very pleased with my own spiritual path.


    1. Greetings,
      Thanks for writing and more importantly thanks for sharing. I highly enjoyed reading your blog, brought so many elements to light and really gave meaning to many of my perspectives. I encourage you to keep on writing because you are indeed a “writer.” Sending love and light all the way from south Texas.


      Liked by 1 person

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