About The Lamp

When I started this blog, there wasn’t much vision in mind. I wanted a platform to share my thoughts, with no restrictions or specific guidelines. I went through a rough time that led me into creating LFAL and eventually, dropping out of college to pursue writing the way I wanted to. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking the necessary steps to truly find out who I was a writer.

Between the healing process I was taking, the spiritual journey I started, and being trapped in quarantine, I was stuck and afraid of what future I’d be creating for myself. But every time I looked at this website, I remembered what I started this for; that there is a message to me and anyone who needs it.

There is a lamp in every house, and when things get dark, you turn on the light.

Born in Galveston, TX, I was an arranged adoption. The youngest of 4 (all adopted actually,) my parents moved and raised us in New Mexico. For the next 21 years, I lived a life of intersectionality that I had never recognized because I kept moving so quickly, never taking the time to stop and think about what that means.

To me, I lived a simple life; fell in love with show choir, drumline, and dance. When I graduated high school in 2017, I decided to look deeper into what I love to do, and noticed that my talents for writing were always lurking behind me. Whether it was diaries, essays, or fan-fiction, I loved the craft, just didn’t spend much time working on it.

Entering college, I decided to major in journalism. From there, I spent 2 years (before making the decision to leave) finally understanding the parts of me that I had ignored. I thought being a “star” was the path for me, but I realized that I can create my own.

After experiencing a series of unfortunate events, I started Light From A Lamp in the fall of 2019. When COVID hit, I had lost sight of where I wanted to go with this. It seemed like I didn’t have much to complain about, so I didn’t have much to write about. However, that’s not what I started this for.

Light From A Lamp is for embracing every side of myself, even the parts that I thought were ugly. It’s articles, poetry, art, stories, research, and my own little drops of wisdom. It’s the world that I see, written in the ways I need. It may seem a little out-of-place or chaotic, but that’s just life. Written in the chaos, is a light of peace. More than anything, that’s something that we all need.

I wish for this blog to be as freeing for others as it for me. I am not a monolith, nor an idol of any kind. Just a woman trying to be. If I can offer my thoughts as a guide to what freedom, true freedom from the bars of our vicious society, could be, then I would hope that someone sees my words and feels that it can relate to them.

Above all, I am a person. Wandering this planet, trying to figure out the difference between existing and living. We have been stuck in a specific way to life for too long and it’s time to examine who we truly are and what we really need. While I set sail to find some answers, this blog is to put what I find in different ways. So whether you’re looking for guidance, a laugh, or just want to read my rambles, I hope you enjoy.

Live happy and stay unfaZed.


If anyone can do this, I can.

L. Pritchard

When things get dark, you turn on a light.


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